Here at Co-op we are all about two things:

1. We are everyday people

We have every day struggles just like you. Bills to pay, difficult job with long hours of work, mouths to feed, conflict to resolve, and so much more.

Here at Co-op we want to walk beside you as we share our everyday struggles, and every now and then we will have some teachings on how we can approach these with more hope, more community, and more joy.

But everyday-ness isn’t a bad thing. In fact, we celebrate the fact that we are everyday people, if for no other reason than this:

Jesus was an everyday person.
He communed with everyday people.
He used everyday people to do the extraordinary and change the world


Which leads me to our next point


2. We Will Make a Difference


Jesus didn’t change the world.


He changed a group of everyday nobodies, and they changed the world.


We not only promise to walk with you in your every day, but along the way we will help you uncover your God-given passion, gifts, and purpose, and we’ll help equip you to make it a reality!


If this sounds like you,

if you feel like an everyday person with some extraordinary dreams, then come hang out with us.

We can’t wait to meet you, to walk with you, and to be changed by your presence in our family.