for everyday people to make a difference where they live, work and play.


We do this by:

  INSPIRING people to surrender all to Jesus and His cause

CONNECTING individuals into kingdom communities

EMPOWERING communities to discover and obey their God-given mission

ENGAGING every kind of evil in our city with prayerful action


In 2015, a small group of us left our traditional Western churches to form a missional community in a living room. We longed for something more than Sunday morning worship and middle-class Christianity. We knew there had to be more to what we called “church” and that desire led us to who we are as the CO-OP. We have morphed and changed throughout the years from meeting in living rooms to coffee shops; from no Sunday morning gathering, once a month gatherings, and, now, to weekly gatherings. We are ever evolving in our praxis of being the church but, ultimately, we long to see people discover the fullness of their identity in Christ and to hear God’s unique calling for their life. The dream is to be a neo-monastic kingdom distribution center – having groups of people living in an intentional way with one another, sharing meals, times of worship and prayer while releasing the Kingdom where they live, work, and play.


We empower communities to reach and serve the people who exist at the margins of the church as we know it. We believe that intimacy with God and commitment to His mission means prioritizing both those in poverty and those without knowledge of His saving grace. We also believe that discipleship of believers happens best and most significantly while obeying Jesus and following Him through mission —  therefore, we empower believers to seek the heart of God in prayer to know their unique calling, and to find a community where they can truly live it out. We then work to mobilize communities to meet the needs of the world around us, and to proclaim the good news of the kingdom.


Dave Drake

“I love the freedom that we operate within, striving to hear where God is leading us and then following that without the typical red tape invovled.”

Scott Latham

“CO-OP feels like home; like family. I love every minute I’m with the people of CO-OP. I get to work beside Justin and Dave and other incredible people who love Jesus big and are honest about their mess. It’s a genuine community. I love every bit of it.”

Justin Stice

“I’ve longed and desired to see the local church be all that it could be; to see the people of God live into the fullness of their identity and purpose. I love the ability to dream, empower, and push the boundaries of what “church” is and can be.”

CO-OP | 2005 Avenue T Lubbock, TX 79411 |806.762.0829